You wish to thank your customers and employees, but goodies feel too basic and pointless to you?

Not a fan of boring greeting cards?

Want to retain your customers and employees whilst acting for the good of the planet and society?

🎁 As the year comes to an end, offer a gift that (really) changes the game. In just a few clicks, your customers, partners and employees choose the causes most dear to them and you support them on their behalf.

Two in one

Both delight your customers and employees and contribute to a better world. The perfect combination?

Change the world without taking out your wallet

No time, no money, no opportunity… Enable your community to act for the common good in a few clicks and without taking out their wallet.

Zero waste

Goodbye to bulky and forgettable goodies. Okay, maybe it is not as yummy as a box of chocolates, but it is definitely more impactful. 

You can't go wrong

Have you already sent a case of wine to an employee who actually doesn’t drink alcohol? Did your package never arrive at your customer’s place? Do you even know if your customer opened your gift? Here, it is impossible to get it wrong: everyone loves doing some good. 

Build strong connections

Put your values into action and foster strong connections around your commitment.

Simple, fast and measurable

With only one call, your solidarity campaign is launched! But it doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s hours of training provided, kilograms of plastic collected or hectares of forest restored, participants can see the impact of their vote in real time.

Let your community guide your generosity! More info here.⬇️