As passionate members since 2019, we wish to put our CSR and ESG tool at the service of 1% for the Planet members. How? We explain! 

The planet needs us, now.

Yet only 3% of total philanthropic donations are allocated to environmental causes. What can actually be done?

1% for the Planet is a global movement that encourages companies to donate 1% of their annual revenues to certified and relevant environmental causes in order to avoid greenwashing and ensure effective donations.

In figures, 1% for the Planet is:

Member companies :

  • +1200 in France
  • +6000 worldwide

Amounts donated to environmental causes :

  • +10 million euros donated in 2022 by French members
  • +65 million donated in 2021 worldwide

With more than 360 million dollars collected since 2002, 1% is a very big number. 1% for the Planet is the power of collective action for the planet, because together our 1% add up.

1% for the Planet and NooS, how does it work?

« As Yvon CHOUINARD, the founder of Patagonia and 1% for the Planet, says so well, this movement is not philanthropy. Giving a minimum of 1% of one's income should be considered as a legitimate and normal tax to do business. Like a kind of rent to pay for the use of our planet. More than 10 million euros were donated in 2021 by the French members of this collective. Our objective is to enable the members of 1% for the Planet to place their employees, clients or partners at the heart of their 1% commitment.»
Éric Mangin
CEO at NooS

NooS is a passionate member of 1% for the Planet since 2019. Today, we want to combine the strength of our tool with the strength of the commitment of this collective’s members. With the NooS tool, we invite you to bring your 1% for the Planet commitment to life alive by involving your stakeholders. 

How ?

💌 Involve, through voting, your employees and/or customers in the choice of the causes you support.

🌱 Support a rigorous selection of environmental projects.

📈 Measure the impact of your commitment over time.

Reach your 1% target, together.

Mobilise the strength of your community for the planet.

Are you a member of 1% for the Planet or ready to become one? Are you interested in participatory sponsorship?

Cover picture by  Kalen Emsley